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Top Tips for Effective Prayers

Prayers are one of the most effective tools that God gave us. It is the most excellent way that we are able to talk to God and interact with him. God loves it when he can see his sons on their feet in a place of prayer. Many people have however risen in the question of how to pray. Knowing how to pray is never complicated it is actually a straightforward process. The disciples of Jesus were also in the same trouble. Their prayer was based on the Torah but they were not having a personal prayer interaction with God. The prayers of Jesus on the other end were made with author and power and this sit he prayer life that we need to build as sons of God.

One the something that every Christian should hide deep down in their hearts, it’s the Lord’s prayer. Jesus didn’t use prayer as a ritual. This is how He was able to build a relationship with his father. Here are several keys to an more powerful and effective prayer.

First you must know who you are talking to. You are interacting with God in prayers. It is essential to understand the person you are talking to as it might influence your attitude in the talk. The prayer has to begin by addressing the person to whom you are speaking by name. The best way to begin our Lords prayer, for instance, is through, ‘our father in heaven.’ Another thing or way you can use is addressing the holy trinity which is the father, the son and the holy spirit.

Have a powerful heart and this is another way you can invest in the prayer. It is easy to start the conversation with a thankful heart. Even with your friends. There is honor and respect when you understand others. Thank God for the answered prayers and for the situation that has made you overcome. Thank him for the healings he has done for you. Through prayers you open so many high doors that would be open, and it helps you keep touch with God.

The best things that you need to step in is the will of God. It is easier to do our will. Through prayers you get to a place where you will have a change of heart, and you will be subjected to submission and obedience. The Scripture we are in is one that is not sure of what is the right or the wrong thing to do. You however, need to be in a vast area of worship.

You also need to understand what you have to say. One of the essential things is the times of Jesus was bread. It is one thing that he always used to ask God for. Understand what you want God to help you with. We want to solve our problems in the best way we know-how and this is where we go wrong.

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